Smart Contracts & Artificial Intelligence
Technology is changing dramatically and with unlimited applications in all fields of science. An example of this is the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), as a vehicle to provide solutions to problems that previously were solved exclusively by human beings.
Disciplines traditionally committed to ethics, such as medicine and law, do not escape this.
In this webinar delivered in English, we will explore with Dr. Roy Riascos, a neuro radiologist and clinical adviser to NASA, what AI techniques are used with astronauts before and after going into space.
William Thomas, consultant to IBM+Apple Alliance and producer of the “Empathetic Machines” podcast, Sue Hallen and Charla Stracener (IBM) will speak to us about the preferences of humans when interacting with machines and what programmers and developers are doing to make machines more humanized.
Ricardo Colménter, Director of Entra Consulting and an expert in international contracts and negotiation, will explain the advantages and disadvantages of smart contracts and their scope and interpretation. In addition, he will discuss their application in complex industries like those of the energy sector. This webinar, organized by ENTRA CONSULTING, is very useful for professionals of all industries who want to know the changes that the legal business is experiencing due to the impact of technology.

• Roy F. Riascos M.D. (Professor of Radiology and Neurosurgery)
• William Thomas (Founder Empathetic Machines)
• Sue Hallen (Digital Legal Product Lead – IBM)
• Charla Stracener (Solution Development Lead – IBM)
• Ricardo Colménter (Expert in Energy International Transactions and Negotiation)