Impact of Disruptive Technologies

Do you want to know what is the trend in the use of Smart Contracts and the Blockchain in our profession?
The energy business faces multiple challenges with the implementation of artificial intelligence in its processes. The Blockchain allows the transfer of digital data and its registration in a secure way at a global level, in addition, it is a technology distributed in blocks with a very special attribute, its immutability.
Join us for our Webinar this August 5, where we will have the presence of great specialists.

• Ricardo Colménter (Expert in International Energy Transactions and Negotiations)
• Adrian Díaz (Blockchain and DLT Consultant)
• Ignacio De León (Blockchain Industry Entrepreneur and Startup Studio)
• Eliana Bejarano (Lawyer and Partner of Cities Forum – London)
• Ricardo Rojas-Gaona (Intellectual Property Expert)